About Us

Welcome to Baby Berd!

Our company was founded in October 2022 by a husband and wife in Caledonia, ON.

The idea of the "big burp cloth" originated after the birth of our two beautiful babies. We quickly learned the pressure of being a parent, especially while tending to hungry babies and feeding every 2-3 hours. After each burping session we had to dodge our baby's mouths to prevent any projectile spit-up from getting all over us. We tried different burp cloths, towels, and blankets but nothing seemed to protect us well enough from the gooey liquids that escaped those precious baby mouths. Our clothes were always covered in spit-up and vomit- which just added to the stressors of parenthood! We just wished there was something out there that would have our backs when it came time for burping. 

That's when the big burp cloth was born!

Our burp cloths were created with a unique design to provide ultimate protection against all baby messes whether it be spit-up, drool, snot- you name it! Our burp cloths are designed to fit the shape of your shoulder. They also have buttons that secure around your shoulder so they stay put without slipping. There is no other burp cloth quite like it!

All of our cloths are made up of 6 layers of 100% organic cotton. The material is extra soft for delicate baby skin. 

We also create adorable teether chains with clips that are made of 100% food grade silicone. Our teether toys and beads are free of toxic materials. Safety is our #1 priority and we pride ourselves in providing quality products for your little one. 

Thank you for choosing Baby Berd!